USC Game, What Fun


Last night I had the privilege to shoot at the USC vs UT game.  It was so much fun being in a stadium full of crazy fans supporting their team. Just the cheering alone sent chills down my spine.  It often fascinates me that a group of people can united in one effort and cause so much energy.

Lawrdy, the media room was like being in  a china store when I was little and my mom would say, “don’t touch anything, only look.” I had to fight the urge to grab ahold of those 600mm lenses and Pro cameras and just play with them. (more…)


Rain Delay

I was all packed and ready to leave today but I decided to delay my bike trip due to the next 10 days of nothing but thunderstorms predicted for the whole duration of my trip.  I had planned on a few days of rain, but not 10 freakin days! There comes a point of how much of a challenge I want, and at this point I am already challenging myself with riding on busy roads everyday, riding through big cities I am unfamiliar with, riding with a not so good hip flexor and iliopsoas muscle, and just completing my 600 plus miles. (more…)


Junk in My Trunk

Today is all about going over my packing list and printing off my maps.   As Scott has kindly pointed out, I have everything but the kitchen sink strapped onto my bike.   I have added a bike trunk instead of huffing it out with a backpack on my back for 600 miles.  Because I have space now, I am going to lug my camera.  I am excited about this because I haven’t been shooting for a long time.  So now I will not only be challenging my body and mind, I will also get to nourish my soul as well.   (more…)


Charleston, How I Fear You…

Kaitie and I got to see Derek this past Labor Day weekend in Charleston… God, I miss and love that guy and am so thankful he is mine!  I took down some shoes that we had resoled and also his jeep seat covers that finally came in after 8 weeks of waiting.  Have to admit I wasn’t fond of the duck camo choice he picked out for “Black Betty”.  I would have picked out just plain black. But it does look good.  She rocks the duck weed. (more…)