Warmup Days One and Two

imageTwo days of riding under my belt… Or my butt I should say.  I haven’t pushed myself at all yet by spending all day on the bike because I have wanted to spend time enjoying this area with my hubster.  It’s really been fun so far despite my absent-mindedness in leaving my purse in a restaurant, losing my very good polarized filter for my camera somewhere, and leaving my water bottles in the last hotel we stayed at! Yikes and it is only the first two days of my trip…. Makes me wonder how many things I will actually have with me when I complete this little adventure or will I lose it all?  We went back to the hotel to get my water bottles and as for my purse, the very kind owner at Max’s Pizza Company in Kitty Hawk tracked me down on Facebook and let me know she had it. So when I begin my day today Scott will go and pick it up.  Thankfully he has a meeting in Duck, NC so it won’t be out of his way.  Gotta love technology and social media. And no, I wouldn’t have known it was missing imageimageuntil Tuesday night when I would be looking for my ID and debit cards.  So thank you Natalia Sharp! You saved me a lot of grief!  As for my filter… I’m such an idiot! Grrrr

imageSaturday’s ride was the best out of the two probably just because the nervousness and anxiety I have had for the last 3 weeks is now being dealt with.  The unknown is becoming known.  The only road on the island had large shoulders that made me feel safe despite the weekend traffic.  The construction wasn’t an issue like I thought it would be.  And the weather was perfect despite the headwinds of 14-18 mph, however I felt like I was on a stationary bike just spinning my wheels at some point in the day!  There is just something about riding on a thin island with water on both sides.  I loved it all!  I did 40 miles that first day and then picked up where I left off  Sunday afternoon in Avon to finish out the OBX leg of my trip.  The second day was easy breezy.   I rode 21 fast mimageile in very cool temps and all but the last 3 miles were good. The rough road leading up to the ferry  was not all that grand for cycling. Made me thankful that the day was a short ride.

Scott and I got to go 4×4 wheeling on Corolla’s beach Saturday night to enjoy the sunset and look out for the wild mustang horses that live there. It made my whole day being able to see them.  For  more info and incredible images by Jared Lloyd on these beauties  go to Sea Horses the Movie‘s Facebook page and check them out. Would love to take a photo tour with him one day up here .

I can’t seem to get my photo’s to download on here because of the spotty Internet, so I will add them another day.  And the ones I have uploaded I can’t seem to get the placement of them correct on the blog with an iPad. I have no idea what this looks like on a computer screen.  No time to proof read either!  Sorry.  So, y’all get what you get cuz I have to head out the door.  If you want to check out my ride detail  here is Day One and Day Two.  They have a few pics there.  Now to get ready for my very long day,  my goal is Beaufort, NC. It’s a little ambitious considering I have 3 1/2 hours of ferry riding, but I will do my best DSC_6700to make it. Wish me luck! 🙂image

3 thoughts on “Warmup Days One and Two

  1. Donita Walters

    So amazing reading these adventures! Love this area. Love the horses and you are capturing the spirit of these islands in amazing form! So very happy for you. Renew your soul girlie!

  2. Dad

    Beautiful pictures and great blog post. Have fun and use situational awareness at all times! Mom made it off to Israel just great.
    Love you, Dad

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