A Gift Day 4

This morning I was a little bit demotivated because I had to have Scott drive me about 21 miles back to the place where he picked me up last night. I sometimes think it is harder for me to see the route in a city before actually doing it because it leaves me with a hole in my stomach seeing the traffic, the construction, the potholes, and doubting my ability as to where I can do it or not.  The trip back to Stacy was a  long one even though it was 21 miles… imageall I could think of was it was going to be 2 hours to get to the point I wanted to start my trip.  Thankfully the morning in the marsh was a very quiet one and I had lots of herons to scare off into flight as I passed them.  I love watching them fly so gracefully.  As I was unmotivated about my long ride I remembered a friend of mine that is working really hard rehabbing his knee so he can get back on the bike.  So I decided that today I would ride for him. It made all those miles a lot easier to deal with in my head and I was able to push myself further today knowing that he would have done more miles if he was riding. So thanks my friend for being my motivation today and I pray for your fast recovery so that you can get back in the saddle asap!  I often times take my health for granted and then when I don’t want to do something because it will  make me work a little harder I end up talking myself out of seeing the true blessing of being able to even do it. Being able to ride and run is truly a gift…. Makes it easier to ride for someone who can’t and makes me appreciate the health I have today because I know one day someone just might have to ride for me.

imageI actually was proud of myself riding through two cities today.  Beaufort, SC is nothing like Beaufort, SC.  I would take SC over NC any day! I made it through the construction I was worried about and over the horrible bridge and on into Atlantic Beach where things slowed down traffic wise for me.  The next 20 miles along the coast didn’t cause any ulcers and actually was just what I needed to rest my legs, and my neck and hands.  I wish my massage therapist came along with me on my journey.  MJ, you have your work cut out for you when I get home!  Anyway, I chose to ride the main road because there was no traffic and I was on a mission to get as close to Jacksonville as I could.  I did take a side road to see the ocean and I also wanted to see the big houses on the Bogue Sound.  Beautiful!  Then I put my big girl pants on and faced the traffic for the next 22 miles, and I even rode in rush hour traffic, Yay me.  It was all 4 lanes and huge shoulders, so for most of the way I wasn’t nervous,  just tired of the humming of the traffic.  I can’t say that it was a fun day, because riding 72 miles with about half of those miles being in traffic isn’t my idea of fun.  I did give up riding in the country and on side roads just to make up for some time and to lose a few miles because of my mess up yesterday with the ferry.  I am so thankful that NC has good roads to cycle.  It has made today a little easier.  Tomorrow is a new day of riding and I am a bit tired, so off to bed I go.  Overall a good day, but I am glad it is over.

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  1. Dad

    Love it when a plan comes through. Today is concrete day here at the lake. And I’ll be helping Bill take out his boat also when he gets up here later in the day. Plus looking forward to calling Mom at 4 pm.

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