USC Game, What Fun


Last night I had the privilege to shoot at the USC vs UT game.  It was so much fun being in a stadium full of crazy fans supporting their team. Just the cheering alone sent chills down my spine.  It often fascinates me that a group of people can united in one effort and cause so much energy.

Lawrdy, the media room was like being in  a china store when I was little and my mom would say, “don’t touch anything, only look.” I had to fight the urge to grab ahold of those 600mm lenses and Pro cameras and just play with them.   I had some serious camera and lens envy, but I found a corner for me and my 70-200mm to set up shop and went to work.  My camera obviously felt my lack of love for it and my longing to have a better one and my lens envy because she decided not to focus on what I was telling her to focus on.  I have to calibrate my lenses for my camera to get it to focus where I want it to, however last night I had added a teleconverter onto my 70-200mm lens and it wasn’t until I took it off that I found a grove in shooting.  It was frustrating to say the least because I don’t know when I will be back on the big boy field.  It was still fun even though I botched a few things up.

Here are some pics from the game.  I seemed to have gotten better pictures of UT than I did of USC.  Hopefully I will get another chance to do this again.  Hope you enjoy them.


5 thoughts on “USC Game, What Fun

  1. Kelly

    Looked and looked for you but unfortunately never saw you. ; ( you took some really great pics girl! Gotta say my favorite is #31 horizontal tackle and the last action shot. So glad you had this opportunity. Looking forward to many more.

    • Kristy Massey

      Thanks, Ariel! And I will keep that in mind. Maybe a trip out West to carry my bag would be better… Hmmmm I like that idea better 🙂

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