Clemson vs Wofford

I was super excited to be able to shoot the Clemson vs Wofford game on Sat 09/05/15.  In fact, I was so excited I couldn’t sleep at all the night before.  I have to laugh at myself for getting so nervous, but it’s true those butterflies still flutter in my tummy. It was a beautiful, sweltering SC day to have the opening season game.  The pending rain was kind enough to wait until after the game was over. After I set myself up in the dungeon of a media room and got over my camera and lens envy, I went out and explored a little.  Got to love Death Valley Stadium! I think the thing I love the most about shooting a college game is the energy of the crowd.  It sends chills down my spine when they get so loud.  I love it.

I was thrilled when I got word that I got to shoot a Clemson game because I know Zach Riggs #54.  I love that guy and his family!  He use to play with my oldest son on a summer baseball team way back when they were little guys.  Our families have stayed friends since that summer and now his brother, Jake, goes to the Citadel with Derek and plays football there.  One day I would love to shoot a Citadel game or two!

This game also was fun to shoot because Greg Huegel, #92, from Blythewood, is playing for the Tigers.  I use to take pictures of him kicking for the Blythewood Bengals when he was in high school.  It was pretty cool to see him do his thing for the Clemson Tigers!

Here are some images that I got from the game.  Hope you enjoy!  I can’t wait to get back to Death Valley and shoot the Clemson vs Georgia Tech game in Oct.  For you Gamecock fans, I get to shoot the USC vs FL game in Nov.  Feeling blessed to be able to shoot 3 college games this year.   Yay me!

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